The reference movement for this lesson is so dramatically different by the end it’s amazing. It’s one of those “wow” lessons, as my friend says. This lesson invites such flexibility in the spine that I feel longer and taller every time I do it. (Dennis Leri, 1999)

Yes, this lesson is the rare one that’s a little longer, so take a break in the middle if you need—allthough you might find the time flies by as you’re paying attention to all the new sensations.

Unwinding the spine like this creates enormous length as a spiral is the most efficient form of movement. It’s like wringing out all the tension.

Be sure to move within your range of comfort, no matter what!

Good for lengthening, balance, and feeling upright. This lesson turns the spine from above and below, unraveling all the tension of the day. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed through the whole spine.

As with all lessons, some variations may not be right for you at this moment. Be mindful of this, and don’t worry as there are so many variations you are not losing the lesson! Keep going. You can always modify a movement so it works for you, do less, rest, or imagine it. (AY230)

Another lesson I often give to my students so they can start to feel how the middle drives the extremities. The waking up of the middle of the spine can be such new, joyous information.

I’ve seen people’s eyes almost pop out of their head when they feel it! (AY524)

Babies roll over. Adults do not. At least, not usually! This lesson brings back the lovely sense of weight shift that we all had as babies when our spines were flexible.

Like all Feldenkrais, the gentle movements grow into a larger whole. It’s pretty fun.

This is a “cool moves” lesson. One of those good party tricks, if you have the kind of parties where you get on the floor and show off your hips and spine! It asks you to fold the back to use the hips. The movements are set up so you feel what you need to feel spontaneously, without trying hard, just by virtue of the position you’re in. The spine will feel long, tall, and flexible after this!
(Moshe, SF evening classes, More flexible than a child)

Another lesson where the reference movement changes dramatically. Waking up the mid-back allows the ribs to talk to the spine. Plus, you will love a mid-back that feels alive and responsive. For best results, go slowly and delicately, letting the lesson “do you.”

We can only know what is available to our senses and to our mind. If we can expand our senses, we automatically expand our ability to know the world.
— Zoe Birch