Want clear-eyed, fully oxygenated, upright ease? This is a go-to lesson to settle down before bed, or to calm the system before any difficult task. It expands the restricted places in the chest and belly we don't even know we’re holding.

This lesson is just cool. It develops a pulsing in different places in the system, and then by the end everything just unwinds. So settling you might drift off.

The Tanden (dantian in Chinese) is the center. In Western thinking we call it the center of gravity. This lesson focuses on gentle movement at the same time sensing the center.

I like it because the awareness of the center when speaking, presenting, or simply getting through the day, can be a state-change in itself. Try it: Speak normally to someone, then intentionally speak from the Tanden and see if there’s a difference! (AY359)

Addressing some classic holding patterns, this lesson allows the throat, neck and jaw to let go of some codependency, bringing about more space to chronically tight areas.

Such a yummy, yummy lesson. Don’t be fooled by how simple it is. It’s almost hypnotic in its slow growing of various patterns of rolling and tilting.

Another lesson for entering a reverie, a kind of zoned out state, with. Just do the movements and let the lesson emerge. If you can hang out in this space of “non-doing,” the intelligence of your nervous system will take over.

We have to contact the path of our development as a person from the point at which we left it off. Many of us have left our own development long ago. Ever since the world developed brains, all the great teachers say, “know thyself,” without exception.
— Moshe Feldenkrais