This is such a soothing, gentle lesson. I turn to this when I’m feeling tired and just want to do something simple that will change the whole relationship of the hands and wrists.

This lesson affects the whole back as the arms reach forward from the middle. The spine learns to move with the arms, allowing the arms to feel lighter and lighter. A luscious, wave-like lesson.

Reaching like a skeleton was the very first, and very last, lesson of my four-year training. I’ll always remember it. It’s fascinating to watch the linkages across the bones start to connect, creating more and more fluidity we didn't even know we had. Of course we are all habituated to using the muscles, but when the bones take over, it’s such a relief to feel connection instead of resistance!

This is the second part, using different movements to wake up this skeletal connection, going back to Dr. Feldenkrais’s roots in Judo.

Hand in honey is a gorgeous lesson for tension in the wrists or arms. I highly recommend it if you are recovering from surgery or have sore hands after typing or playing a musical instrument—even driving!

Part two of this lovely lesson continues the movements. I recommend doing them close together if you can, either on the same day or one before bed and one the next morning.

This is one of the best lessons for a tense hand or forearm. It is such a relief to give up those strong habits of tension and move the arm and fingers without strain. Even if you do half the lesson and fall asleep, it’s worth it! (AY 124)

If you take a pot of consciousness and add a little awareness, a drop of patience, and a shake of non-judgmental listening, the future can be transformed.
— Zoe Birch