The Quick Mindset Check

  1. Many of these movements will be unknown to you, so expect some confusion at times and be kind to yourself when it occurs. Keep going through the lesson without worrying whether you can do one of the variations. The more different variations you do, the more new pathways will emerge.

  2. Listening to verbal instructions while attending to movement can be a new adventure for many people. Because listening with your deep kinesthetic sense is different from listening for cognitive, emotional, or analytical content, take the time to track where you are in space and you will improve quickly.

  3. Rest when you need to rest. You are responsible for your own learning because in reality, the lesson doesn’t teach you, you teach yourself! So rest when you can no longer pay attention. It is better to pause and reset yourself instead of mindlessly repeating your habits.

  4. Stop if anything is uncomfortable. If something is uncomfortable, do less, slow down, imagine it, or rest. Alternatively, change your trajectory or the initiation point.

  5. Comment disclaimer. My written comments are intended to provide a possible doorway into a lesson. While we all share a human skeleton with specific human possibilities, your unique personal history is different from mine, and your skeleton moves differently from mine in all kinds of idiosyncratic ways. Luckily, there are many doorways into these lessons, and your experience will emerge no matter which door you use. My doorway may not be your doorway, so honor your own experience however it shows up.

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